Countrymanor Tibetan Spaniels

The Tibbies are a relatively recent adventure for us.  While showing Cavaliers we of course meet many amazing different dog breeds and their owners.  I was originally drawn to Tibbies because they reminded me of the Pekinese breed.  In talking to Tibetan Spaniels breeders at dog shows, they were all amazed by how healthy the breed is and how easy they are to care for. 

Tibbies do have an under coat that they usually shed once a year, but otherwise they are a very low shedding breed and require very minimal grooming.  They are very alert, extremely intelligent, and sometimes seem somewhat catlike in their agility and personalities. 

Tibetan Spaniels are thought to be one of the original dogs breeds that originated thousands of years ago. The Tibbie DNA shows them to be ancient ancestors of many of today’s more well known breeds. 

To learn more about Tibetan Spaniels we recommend

And if you are a reader “The Tibetan Spaniel: A Gift from the Roof of the World” which can be purchased on Amazon:

We typically only have one or two litters of Tibetan Spaniel Puppies a year so please let us know if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

Up and coming tibbies

The new kids on the block.

The Tibbies

Princess Leia




Countrymanor Chewbacca



Countrymanor Soak up the Sun



Countrymanor Sunny One so True


Countrymanor Good Day Sunshine

Countrymanor Good Day Sunshine

Our Older Tibbies

Tibbies never seem to age.  They are an amazingly healthy breed.