Sandy Hesse with Scotty
Sandy Hesse with Scotty

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[ Visit ] Amercian Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of America
American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, Inc., an AKC Member Club and the AKC Parent Club for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the United States of America.
[ Visit ] Big Spirit Clumber Spaniels
Countrymanor Picture Jasper owned by Kris Woodington
[ Visit ] CKCSC - USA
The CKCSC - USA. Inc. is the original registry for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the United States. The club was founded in 1954 and currently has over 2000 members.
[ Visit ] Info Dog
Check for upcoming Shows in your Area.
[ Visit ] Miller Country Dogs
Affordable, quality dog breed merchandise for you and your loving dog friends. We have items for over 115 breeds including Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.
[ Visit ] Onofrio Dog Shows
Check for upcoming Shows in your Area.
[ Visit ] Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
While the OFA continues to focus on hip dysplasia, today’s OFA Mission, “To improve the health and well being of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease,” reflects the organization’s expansion into other inherited diseases and other companion animals such as cats.
[ Visit ] Poison Control
Did your dog or cat just eat something poisonous? Call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately. The sooner a dog poisoning or cat poisoning is diagnosed, the easier, less expensive, and safer it is to treat your pet.
[ Visit ] Revival Animal
Welcome to Revival Animal Health Revival Animal Health has been serving the Pet Supply market with quality products for over 20 years. We are committed to providing you with the best service and products available. Breeders, shelters and pet owners have come to trust our reliable delivery, great pet supplies and excellent customer service. We welcome you to our web site and look forward to serving you.
[ Visit ] Roy Jones Dog Shows
Check for upcoming Shows in your Area.
[ Visit ] Show Dog Store
Grooming supplies.
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